At The Vixen’s Wake

by Charm Xtova

I’m alive, breathing at your wake,
Where are you, your life support has given up
I can’t believe I’m “drawn on” the spot where I was written off..
By you, the day you built your “storeys of expectations”
And told me blatantly, I wont be living up

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I could make you breakfast or dinner
But I couldn’t make you listen
Your beauty made you shine
But it couldn’t make you glisten
You were a difficult code to crack,
Many a time I had to blame my PC
Even on a one way drive,
You were always caught drifting.

I lived in the gym, hoping that one day what we had would work out
Never knew I was being daft
I bent my back over for you
I was your paramour equivalent of a patriotic gymnast
I ensured your secrets didn’t meet the news
And the Journalists didn’t Cast
I made you anonymous,
No”one’s WhatsApp could tell when you were seen last
Regardless, I was insolvable
To you my errors were syntax.

I let you satisfy your desires
And left you in your lab to create your own decisions
Seeing you happy got me inspired
Regardless my feelings still bearing more incisions
But then it got too tired and then retired
Probably fulfilling the scriptures
That there’s always a time for everything
God would grade my feelings for you with distinctions.

After your reign, the sun came
I then decided to put on my thinking cap
Only to realize the Knight I was, but in the wrong game
I refused to be subscribed to your sinking plan
No…I was instead looking down on you from a war plane
And i told myself I’ll never be that Meekly Man
To save a “Weak Woman” who has never had a long day.

Now the proximity between us arctic wide
The doctor tells me to treat your messages with ignorance
So It’s okay to stay patient, Keep to your Ward and try acting fine
While your personality’s TV tries showing some importance
Cos fact is, with all your wealth and Fancy Life
Your damaged Soul can never be covered by an Insurance.

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