I’ve always been fascinated by poems and when I stumble on a good one, I can’t resist the urge to celebrate the poet. One of the many things I love about poems is that they are open to interpretations, it means different things to different people. This was forwarded to me by a friend, read and understand as you will….


   “You are woman ” , mother said

Sit up, your make-up must not fade

be elegant be polite

for in all these will a man delight


Sticking to this formulae for ages

she’d been robbed by friends family and

lovers in different life stages

.raped by her beauty with her own consent

of perception and vision in no little percent


Staring blankly in the face of her past

at the aesthetic view of shame, she felt downcast

she heard it again, “You are woman”

she giggled cynically, “Woman?, whatever that meant!”

To her, A cliche with no sentiment


” Do you not hear?” she heard the silence speak

. the aching the groaning the moaning burning in your soul

a calling for the deep within the deep

. buried while in natures untimely sleep

. beyond your beauty and supple thighs

oh! rise up from where ignorance lies

. the world awaits in tingling anxiety

.will you not answer, woman why tarry?


Poem written by: Ijeoma Unachukwu

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