Could this be……

My friend Deola, invited me for her mother’s 50th birthday celebration, that accounted for my being in the living room of their 6 bedroom quintessential mansion in my off the shoulder, floor length, mustard colored Zac Posen gown and a pair of killer Louboutins that faithful day.

As my eyes scanned the room, they finally came to rest on this beautifully sculpted specimen of a man. His whole 5 ft 9″(my estimation) frame was completely doused in dark chocolate (if you know what I mean), oh! how his eyes sparkled when he smiled and then he spoke, and I admitted I must be in heaven and not in Deola’s living room because that toe-curling baritone that makes me rethink everything I stand for rasonated across the room with a very rich timbre I hadn’t heard from any man except for maybe Yemi Blaq.

Then he looked in my direction, and I became an instant believer in the saying “attraction at first sight”; all my predatory instincts kicked in, the thrill of the chase, it was time to make my move. So I make my way towards him, all the while surrepticiously stealing a glance at his left hand and came away satisfied. In a few seconds, I was by his side, ready to go in for the kill when I felt a not so gentle tap on my shoulder and heard a voice I’m sure to recognize anywhere (that of my mother) saying what sounded like “Funmi wake up”!!!

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