Light travels harmonically and is entrapped between the space that is us

I am trapped between two worlds with each pulling me in equal measure

In you I found my center;

like gravity you grounded all of me without pause

my affection ran deeper than a rabbit’s hole; much deeper than my want of pleasure

much deeper than my want of pleasure

Dust travels in Brownian motion and settles on open pages of books forgotten

Open like a conversation caught in the middle with no foreseeable end

Through your lenses, I recognized in me

a reclusive being marred by imperfections

crippled by fear and too broken to mend

Stars travel in constellations;

huge as planets but are pinpoints from where we are

Small as a being, you were a pinpoint I couldn’t reach however far I traversed

Recognition visited me in my sleep;

painted I a picture of blossoming flower

One that lives within nourishing and tending with words not conversed

Two forces travel from eternity at lightning speed

Separated by circumstance;

bound by paths threaded before they were

In her presence he knew strength, in her gaze he found courage

United by providence; they transcended with grace,

with more love than both could bear

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