Ever Present

When I received this poem from a friend and read through, I knew right away that it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself, hope you guys enjoy it as much or better still, more than I did….


The wind blows relentlessly on the shores

of mayhem

His thoughts implode cataclysmically like

the collision of twin stars

Knowingly he soaks up the moment

without cease or respite

And then the darkness emerges and

shrouds all present light


Turmoil and unrest trickle down like

beads of sweat

Unwavering he watches and vehemently

clings to unend

Little by little the cracks begin to connect

with pressure

Once held taut his resolve begins to

wane by measure


Swallowed whole and lost in the


A divided mind ebbs slowly out of


Unremittingly searching for a smidgen of


In the wake of an interminable meadow


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