Gemstone Thoughts-Volume 1

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                                                                                                    By Anthony C. Onu

Universally, nature has a default “EFFECT” which has been structured by God to be ‘Always Good’. Nature has already designed that a child that is born will grow up and become an adult. But that ‘EFFECT’ can only be achieved if the relative ‘CAUSE’ of feeding and grooming that child is done properly.

When a country is birthed, whether democratically or autocratically, by default, that nation started that journey because just like the child, she has been designed to grow up and be great as long as the essential variables of the ‘CAUSE’ are taken care of.

During the 2008 global economic crises that rocked the west and also affected the rest of the world, Queen Elizabeth was asking the world’s supposedly financial and economic great minds at London school of economics how come with all their knowledge, expertise, experience and resources, they didn’t see that coming. To which they replied that the economic market system is so complex that no one can understand it.  This means that they were baffled and confused on how everything played out because their own calculations/forecast failed them.

In their own deductive minds, they assumed what they think are the real essential variables that will inadvertently affect the final result. Essential variables like GDP, inflation, unemployment or the fiscal deficits are what they assume to be the main and only invariants that will affect any economic forecast/calculation.

The problem is that there were so many other variables that they were not seeing or assumed as important. Variables which seemed invincible and inconsequential. But which has a very great power to turn things around the reverse way.

Variables like the opinion of an African market woman about a particular import product, market sentiments, unhappy and uninformed investors, the crises in the middle-east, immigration and emigration surge. And even variables that seemed so far away from economics like the kind of social culture that is evolving in America and Europe especially with the young people or even how government and security officials treat the unemployed and vulnerable in Africa.

The average Nigerian today is so confident that he knows the future and destiny of the country. The popular estimative calculation is that it is a divided country, sluggish dependents of science and technology, crumb eaters economically and a place to run away from as far as you can. Even though in our idealist mind, we still have a blurred and vague picture of a great nation, but that is for the far distant future and not in this or the next century.

The problem with these calculations is that just like the economic geniuses, there are so many other variables that seem invincible, inconsequential and less important. Variables the unflinching passions and sacrifice of many civic societies that are trying to fill the hole that has been left by the government. Little integrity and anti-corruption battles fought by individuals and small groups that suffered what seemed like a loss. The time sacrificed by men who refused to offer bribes to corrupt police men on road block. The voluntary anti-corruption civic voices that is being raised by so many young people around the country. The ostracization that has been suffered by individuals, priests and pastors who preached and stood by national integration and unity. The silent pain of ridicule and charlatan gestures suffered by the early people that dared to believe that Nigeria has the potential of being great again. The losses that have been incurred by men whom refused to bow to corruption. The relentless, passionate and selfless fight led by a group of nation building missionaries known as GEMSTONE Ambassadors.

If God will open your eyes to understand the weight of these variables and so many other unseen variables, go and redo your calculations, and you will find a startling result. A very powerful outcome with a lot of energy is on its way to wash off the ancient, decadent, uncivilized and backward system and a new great nation that nature has pre-determined will by default replace it.

Albert Einstein once said “if the facts don’t fit the theory, then change the facts”. If your facts don’t fit this great realistic future that at the moment still look theoretical, you better change your facts.

God is a perfect artist. He has structured nature so perfectly that she an expert  at protecting causality (cause and effect) to the most basic levels. Isaac Newton the great scientist in his scientific theories described a universe with a universal TIME scale which is constant and unchanging. (what is known as the Newtonian universe). Albert Einstein later came and described a universe that is relative, where TIME is distributed at different rates according to where you are in the universe and the speed at which you are moving (Known as the Einsteinian universe). Even though there is great country that will undoubtedly come in the future which will accommodate everyone, causality will make sure that her new political, economic, social and intellectual wealth will be distributed according to where you are standing at the moment and the degree and frequency of the ‘CAUSE’ that you are feeding into the system.

Some of these basic ‘CAUSE’ are  very simple things that we take for granted. Things like; how you talk about the country with your family and friends; stop those negative affirmations, they are not good for you. The way you drive when you get to a traffic jam; you sincerely think that you are the only one in a hurry?. The way you carelessly drop litters around the road and drop wastes in street gutters; think about it for a second, will you do that in your own house/room?. The way you treat those under your authority and vulnerable to you, as a lecturer, as a civil servant, as a building contractor, as a landlord, as a security guard, as a pastor/priest, as a guardian and even as a driver on the road; come on its not a territorial lizard fight of “who is who”. People are meant to be respected and served with your authority. How you handle public funds, no matter how big or small. How you initiate and respond to social responsibilities that are not within the boundaries of your immediate nuclear family and community. The kind of identity that you indoctrinate your children with; its time we rise beyond clans and ethnicity nationalities to become Nigerians.

Relatively speaking, these decisions are wonderful and very good but also a bit selfish in a way because the person that will gain at the end of the day is you. Because whether you do them or not, this Nigerian dream must be a reality.

The dream of a nation state founded on justice and honesty of purpose. A  Nigeria that has a zero tolerance for corruption, religious and tribal bigotry. A Nigeria where people will proudly say “i am a Nigerian living in so and so state” and not a Nigerian of a particular state of origin or ethnicity!. A Nigeria where the votes of Nigerians will count and we shall bid adieu to electoral fraud. In no distant future, our democracy will be built on one man, one vote. The condition for the sustenance of constitutional democracy. A Nigeria devoid of unemployment and insecurity. A Nigeria where citizens are actually proud of their citizenship and can actually take it to the bank.  A Nigeria where Nigerians enjoy critical infrastructures such as good roads, water and uninterrupted power supply to mention but a few.  A Nigeria as graphically described by the GEMSTONE Ambassador  Amanze Iyamu in the following excerpt:

“It’s Wednesday, December 31st, 2025. The time is 5.30pm. This is a great day. At exactly 7pm there will be a grand gathering of all those who dreamt of this day. Yes, it is the realisation of GEMSTONE 2025. It all started sometime in 2013 I believe, my memory fails me, when a great man called Fela Durotoye, dreamt a dream of a future Nigeria. It was a dream that come 12 midnight December 31st, 2025, Nigeria will be one of the world’s most desirable nations. It was a dream that Nigeria will be so economically buoyant, that we would be among one of the top 20 developed economies of the world. It was a dream that the green passport would be the most sought after the world over. It was a dream of foreign nationals trooping into Nigeria to be a part of the good things happening in Nigeria. It was a dream that Nigeria will be producing at least 1 million megawatts of electricity from many sources of power generation such as solar energy, nuclear reactors, and geothermal sources, not just from hydroelectric sources alone. Guess what? One Nigerian discovered how to generate electricity from the air! I’ll save her name for later. The dream we dreamt back then was a dream that the average Nigerian higher institution will be comparable to the Harvard’s and Oxford’s of the world. Today, we have 15 Nigerian higher institutions among the global top 100. We dreamt a dream that Mushin would be like Dubai, Port Harcourt like Sydney in Australia, Jos like Nevada and many more cities of ours would be so advanced, Nigeria would be a mini-heaven.

Many years have passed and today I can boldly declare that we have become that dream. Tourism has increased so much so that we now have rock-climbing as a sport in Jos, sky-diving in Obudu and Maiduguri, and deep sea diving in Lagos. There’s even this spot called Aquatic City in Lagos. I really can’t explain it but let me just say that it’s like a big aquarium where you can go under it and see the beautiful fishes. The design came from a Nigerian who had seen a prototype in Japan. We have also become a permanent member of the UN Security Council and we are the current head of the African Union. Other wonders in the Nigeria of 2025 are:
-the underground subway systems running from Maiduguri to Sokoto with stops at Potiskum, Azare, Kano, Funtua and Gunmi;  -the ferry system in Lagos that runs 24-7-365 moving both human beings and automobiles around the state;

-the first and second mission to the moon (we are working on the third one now);
-our music artistes have won a total of 14 Grammy awards and have had 35 Grammy nominations;  -our movie industry finally set up “9ja Movie City “at Jos. It’s a 30 acre facility comparable with Hollywood. It’s got 45 studios of different era of Nigeria and many cities abroad. We have won a total of 5 Oscars and have 8 Oscar nominations. We’ve even featured a few Hollywood actors and actresses in our movies. Yeah, movies…home videos are now a thing of the past;
-some individuals have shot a total of 10 satellites into space. Together with the government, we now have 16 satellites. Well, these people put together are richer than the nation. I happen to have a stake in 4 of those satellites. We reasoned that rather than have the satellite TV station, why don’t we own the satellites? We bought over 2 very popular global news stations. Which ones? Well, I’ll tell you much later.
-our democracy has become a model to the world. After massive awareness campaigns across the nation, many things changed. Today, we have a truly representative nation in terms of the government.
-a 10-star hotel in Lagos Nigeria. It’s called The Dream. It’s awesome. It’s got 5 floors underwater! How we did it, I don’t know. The guy who designed it, one young man from Gbekebor, a city near Warri, said he got the inspiration from wanting to have a fun spot near the water. It’s a miracle! The guy is in the Guinness Book of Records.
-the “Multi Car”, created by a Nigerian who got tired of the Lagos traffic. It’s a car that can move on land, water, underwater and capable of lift-off and flying like a chopper. It’s so ingenious, I mean, he franchised it and now our own car factory’s are producing it and selling to the world and the world’s buying them like wild-fire in harmattan.

Time would fail me to talk about the other great things, but today, I begin to wonder what if no one ever dreamed of it? What if nobody worked at making this a reality? For we dreamt, we believed, we fought for it, we worked towards it, we made sacrifices, we made changes where necessary, we asked for forgiveness where necessary, we became a movement, we became a force for change, we spoke about it, we wrote about it, and finally, 2025 is a reality”.


“The universe has just three steps she uses to create anything. Anything from stars and  galaxies to planets, new civilizations, new  social structures, new inventions and great nations. It starts with visualization either by God or a human being then followed by attraction and then manifestation”

“first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”
Mahatma ghandi

it always seems impossible, until it’s done”
Nelson mandela



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