Happy Birthday to me

Some years ago, in the still developing town of Okigwe in Imo state, the sweet cry of a little girl was heard in the Nduka Family.The birth of this child was so unique in its occurrence that her Father took one look at her and called her “Izuchika” meaning “The Day of The Lord is the Greatest” and her mum went for “Onyinyenna” which means “Gift from The Father.” Names so spectacular that she is yet to find anyone bearing the second while it took her 21 years to find one bearing the first, the person in turn had searched for 31 years (of course they became fast friends).IMG_20150522_165131

As time went on, the little girl’s life began to take shape following the careful nurturing of her parents, the unconditional love of her siblings and extended family, the concern and advice of friends, and of course her own careful observations, deductions, mistakes and retraced steps.

Today that little girl is a young lady who likes to think that she has come to mean a lot of things to different people as evidenced by the plethora of heartfelt messages that besieged her both electronically and physically on this day.

I am overwhelmed by the show of love from family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. I was surprised by so many. Some people I expected a blase HBD from went on to spew words that struck beautiful chords in my heart. Some others, I expected nothing from went the extra mile with gestures that left me trying to catch my breath.

I’m grateful to the Almighty Father for today. Honestly, I’m extremely proud of who I am today, of what I have accomplished and of what I’m yet to do (deal with it, I sabi hype myself) and I know that someday, I will fulfil that which I was brought to this earth for and then the name Izuchika Onyinyenna will truly resonate.

I would love to name names but that would just take forever so I’m settling for this, “Thank you to everyone who made me feel like the belle at a grand ball”…

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

  1. Lemme add to ur story that as soon as I saw that it was ur bdae on a friend’s dp, I just had to wish u HBD on my dp and pm. I don’t know u on a personal level but writing endears to me (I wish I cud write what people would read and love). So, frm a colleague and a fan that wud love to see u go places with writing…HBD dearie, ur best is yet to come.
    PS. Am not famzing! Am trying to write. Lol

  2. U deserve it hun…..prolly wudn’t xpected dis from mi as I dnt xactly rain praises @ peeps buh gurl u r a unique 1 & am glad to have u as a frnd #hugz

  3. Happy birthday dear. I’m proud to have you as a friend. The sky is never your limit! keep soaring like an eagle n shinning like d skies in d heavens. cheers…..

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