He doesn’t carry a knife!!!!

He doesn’t carry a knife!!! Clarence Parker’s voice boomed after being told that his 16 year old son Brandon was gunned down because he pulled a knife on a cop.

This was a scene from last week’s episode of scandal. I enjoy watching ABC’s “Scandal”, it’s truly one of the best things to happen to primetime TV, second only to “How to get away with murder”. The political intrigues, power plays, witty dialogues, colorful characters and ofcourse the undeniable but impossible love between President Fitzgerald Grant III (considering naming my son this) and Olivia Pope puts a flourish on my Fridays.

The story of Brandon Parker was particularly enlightening since it touched on the issue of white cops shooting black kids with little or no provocation because these kids have been profiled and presumed to fit into a particular stereotype. We can’t easily forget the shooting of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Mr. Clarence Parker for me represented a parent who just wanted justice for his son. He arrives the scene of the shooting, shotgun in hand, stands over the lifeless body of his son and demands to see the cop who killed his kid.

When the cop was asked why he did it, he said he heard about a shoplifting on his car radio, drove over to the place, saw Brandon walking home with a brand new cell phone in his hands, asked him to stop, turn around, put his hand on his head and that was when he saw Brandon pulling a knife from his jacket, so he shot him. Mr Parker didn’t believe this story for a second and it turned out to be just that, a story because on further investigation, it was seen that Brandon only reached into his jacket to get his new cell phone receipt but the cop shot him anyway and then went ahead to plant a knife he recovered from the perp he already arrested for the shoplifting on Brandon.

That episode saw me witness a father’s unshakable belief in his son’s character, so it got me thinking…. How many of us have people in our lives who can vouch for us not because they are obligated to, not out of a sense of loyalty, and definitely not because they are our “ride or die” buddies, but because truly we are trustworthy enough to deserve their faith in us.

If someone walks up to your parents or your loved one or your significant other and says something as believable as “Jimmy hangs out with those robbers that terrorizes Benin-Ore road and he sometimes joins them”….. What would be their response? Total disbelief, doubt, or quiet acceptance?

3 thoughts on “He doesn’t carry a knife!!!!

  1. *In Kermit’s voice* “This post is actually my biz @ d mention of Scandal and How to get away with murder……..I just cudn’t stay away.Meanyl d way d story tapered down 2 morals…….Nice one dear

  2. My dad can vouch for me @ any point in time but it truth be told, it makes me worried cos am a different person @ home with respect to outside d home front!
    E.g. If U tell my dad am a talkative he’ll tell U that’s not true that I talk when it’s necessary but am a “big time huge talker”
    I need to change & b same person always *pensive*

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