“I Am…”

“I am…”



I am an ocean; I washed you clean off your infirmities

while my saline burned your eyes but the tears wouldn’t fall-they couldn’t

I am the sun; in degrees, I warmed you in your nether region

leaving you with a feeling everlasting-still you wanted the cold

I am a door; through me, you visited the halls of your past and

rekindled memories lost forgotten- in no time I was behind you

I am a bed; on me you lay, your face caressing my soft parts,

my surface unlocking your hidden secrets- rumpled you left me

I am a beam; upon me your burdens rested, your demons wrestled and

your fears nestled granting you respite in a world of chaos- the noise soon overshadowed me

I am a mirror; for hours you’d gaze upon me hoping I’d reflect what

you saw in yourself- your simulacrum couldn’t sate you

I was love; true as the day is bright juxtaposed upon a thousand suns I shone,

melted I dissolved into you in sweet rivulets until you barfed-I was too much to contain in one essence…

The end

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