Is it really just lunch?


I remember putting this up as my display picture on BBM sometime ago, not necessarily because I agreed with what it’s originator was saying but because it just sounded funny to me but that notwithstanding, a friend took interest in it and it sparked a scintillating conversation between us which lasted for a couple of hours.

He was of the opinion that if a guy asks a girl to lunch and she’s seeing someone as per she’s in a relationship, that the onus is on her to inform the guy upfront about her relationship status so he knows it’s just food they are going to eat. I, on the other had was of the opinion that it would feel like jumping the gun if a girl did that without really being aware of the guy’s intentions.

He then asked me a simple question, “Say you are a mother and your son comes to you and says, there’s a girl he likes and he would love to get to know her better, what would be your advice to him”. The first thing I said was, “take her to lunch”.

Thinking about it, I think there are people who ask you to lunch and you know its just lunch and there are some you instinctively know it’s more than lunch. On a personal note, what started as just lunch actually made me end a relationship. I was with this nice guy but at the time things were not really going smoothly, then along came this other guy, we started talking and he asked me to lunch. In my head, it was just lunch but before I knew it, more lunch followed, then dinner and the rest like they say is history. So, at the end of the day, what started as a harmless meal led to the end of something beautiful and the start of another life experience.

I don’t what u guys might think of this, but I agree with my friend, spell things out at the beginning so that your intended meaning would not be lost in assumptions…..

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