Just another incident….

If you’ve been to Akwa Ibom state, Uyo to be specific you’d know that the most common form of transportation is the tricycle better known as keke. Before I enter one, I take my time to check it out physically to make sure the side mirrors, windscreen and tires are intact  and when i enter, if the keke driver installed a sound system in his, then all the better.

A few days ago, I entered one such keke. The driver was playing some really nice songs, then along the way, he switched to a sermon by Chris Oyakhilome. Though I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying but for the mere fact the guy was listening to it made me form an opinion about him. So, you can imagine my disappointment a couple minutes later when another keke came quite close to ours while we were in traffic and my keke driver goes ballistic and says something like Idiot, if you hit me eh, God go punish you!!!”.

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