Lies women tell….

This generalization can be quite irksome when spoken out loud but the percentage of women (scratch that), girls that lie these days is so high that it might as well include us all. These lies come in different colors ranging from the often spoken white lies to those with really dangerous shades of black.

For instance, I was in a cab the other day and by the time I got to my destination, I knew that the lady in the cab with me had an iPhone 6 which costs more than the market estimate, 42 pairs of shoe, a caring, rich, devout and well connected husband. Days later, I found out she’s been divorced for almost 2 years now. This in itself was enough to make me discount her other tales. So I ask, why the lie, its not like I know her, why did she feel the need to fib in order to validate herself……

Another instance is that of a friend who got married fairly recently pulling up in this really nice car. We all oohed and ahhed at the car and in the middle of all that appreciation, she goes “My baby bought it for me”….  “Lucky you”…. we all gushed. We later got to know that it was a wedding present from her parents. I’m yet to understand this particular lie. I mean its a good thing that your parents can gift such to you, right?

Most of these lies are silly, baffling and ludicrous to say the least. So, somebody please tell me why girls lie especially when they are in the midst of other girls…….

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