Many are mad but few are roaming…

This title is apt because for the past couple of days, I’ve ran into people who I believe belong in the streets. The two incidents although not mutually exclusive actually made me question why I should have an encounter with people of, for lack of a better description; “psychologically questionable character”, being that i’m an ardent believer in the “birds of a feather flock together phrase”.

On my way to work on Monday, I stopped at the junction where I usually took a tricycle(keke) to work. On alighting from the vehicle, one funny looking fellow said hello, I said hello back, the next thing I knew, the dude grabbed my hand and refused to let go, saying I must stop and chat with him. We struggled for a bit, some people stopped to look at us, it was embarrassing I must say. I think his moment of madness must have passed cos after a while, he let go of my hand and then said to me “What is wrong with you sef”… (What!!!, dude look in the mirror and double check your appearance, who just acted crazy?).
The second incident took place today. I was headed to a friend’s dad’s funeral. Trouble actually started when I couldn’t get a vehicle easily to the venue, so I had to jump into any random one that was willing to go (I usually like taking my pick from the litter after very careful observation). Right from the beginning of the journey, the driver was troublesome, quarreling unnecessarily and speaking to the passengers anyhow. When it was my turn to get down, dude told me it was 70naira for a 50naira journey. No problem, as I stepped down to check my purse for an additional 20bucks, the guy had already parked his vehicle and was advancing towards me and boy! did I not like the look in his eyes. I immediately, threw his money at him and moved quickly away.
What these two incidents made me resolve was to work my ass off and get a car soon cos if I was in my own car, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to bring their kinda crazy to me, so trust me when I say; many are mad but few are roaming.

2 thoughts on “Many are mad but few are roaming…

  1. Lmao so true… But u can’t blame them u know, so many are mad but few are roaming, maybe you just met the roaming ones.. But the reality is that madness is something that has to do with different individuals and times, everyone has his or her own moment of madness, maybe u met them at their mad day lol….

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