My heart keeps burning

The first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem

My heart keeps burning


Nduka Zuchie

Two girls,

One calm and quiet, the other bold and brazen

A healthy competition culminates into a friendship that takes both by surprise

A friendship they both come to rely heavily on

They share everything

The joy, the sadness

The good, the bad

The ugly, the beautiful

The pain, the tears

The frowns, the laughter

The times of lack and the times of plenty

Those around envy them, they envy the effortlessness with which they are able

to sustain their friendship, even when all else seems to crumble

Looking at the two

They are as different as day and night

But they found a way to make it work

Of equally sound intellect and strength in spirit, it is only logical that they still compete but with no strife

Of the two, one is more open with her emotions, the other, not so much

A trait, that is to become their undoing

A carelessly worded phrase, not meant to hurt but cuts deep

An inability to communicate that hurt

And a friendship so pure and beautiful comes crashing

One pulls back, the other tries to understand

And the harder she tries, the more the other resists

Days turn to months and months to years

When the one realizes what she has lost, she reaches out but hits Fort Knox

She  then fully understands how much damage her actions or inactions caused

She tries to make amends

She knows it’s too late

But yet she keeps trying

She knows she has missed out on one of the beautiful experience of life, the gift of friendship

Having a friend she can talk to about everything and nothing

This is the thought that makes her lie awake some nights

The thought that keeps her heart burning

The thing that tops the list of her regrets

Thoughts of the beautiful being she once had as a best friend

If she were to turn back time

She sure would have done things differently

And her life would be better for it….

4 thoughts on “My heart keeps burning

  1. What a painful end…
    My takeaway..
    Communication is a two way thing.
    it takes two people evolve to keep a friendship
    Don’t neglect ones honest effort to keep a friendship. If you do, it will hurt you more when the friendship come crashing.

  2. its timely communication. Delays are like pipe bombs… and the effect eats deep like cancer. A masterpiece….no one has to experience this.

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