Never a failure….

At what point does quiet capability and confidence morph into intellectual arrogance? This is the question that went through Gbemi’s mind as he drove home from the office. How easily does one go from being a true crusader, the champion for the underdogs and the voice to the voiceless to one of those people with over inflated egos that they start viewing themselves as superior mortals? Does the universe sense a little of this and engineers a cosmic shift to teach one some humility, he further mused.

When he got home, he sank to his knees and with tears streaming down his face, he begged and pleaded to the powers that be to circumvent whatever repercussions that might be brought about by the stupidity of the act fueled by his feeling of invincibility. As a top shot lawyer at a top tier firm, he felt he should have known better, he felt a rookie won’t even make the mistake he made, a move that could well cost him his reputation, credibility and even the life of his client.

Kneeling in his bedroom, introspective and broken, rationalization gave way to horror, acceptance quickly followed in its stead and then came self-loathing which finally gave way to the realization that as humans, we are prone to mistakes and for them to be of any significance we must learn from them.

This experience made Gbemi realize the meaning of the saying “Never a failure, always a lesson”….

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