Not the girl….

In light of recent happenings where most headlines makes one feel like a dark cloud is settling among us, I figured I should post a “feel good” piece…

About two years ago, while watching American idol, I heard Simon Cowell say that one of the criterion for knowing a good singer and a good song is that days after, months after, even years after, you can remember what you were doing at the exact moment you heard that particular songf. This solidified my belief that Darey is a good singer and that his song “Not the girl” is a good song.

Almost 5 years after, I still remember the first time I heard the song. I was traveling outside the country with my brother.  We had to spend a night in Lagos because our flight was for the following day. While relaxing in our hotel room, telling stories, laughing and looking forward to how much fun we were going to have because that was the first time we were traveling by ourselves, I heard this rich velvety baritone belting out some strong notes to very beautiful and meaningful lyrics, instantly, I developed a gooseflesh, paused in the middle of the gist and focused all my attention on the video. Till date, that still remains one of my favorite Naija songs, I even tried to deepen my voice in the shower while singing it to see if I can achieve the same effect (covers face).

Nowadays, its difficult to hear songs with good lyrics both home and abroad, that’s one of the reason I love Adele’s “21” album because in an industry where lyrics laden with unprintable words are selling, hers was able to hold its own and even won her a lot of accolades. Also, back in the day, Styl Plus was another group I liked until they decided to deviate from their type of music to join the bandwagon.

I would like to end the post by asking anyone who wants to share their ” I remember what I was doing when I heard this song” moment to feel free to do so in the comment section. Like I said, its a feel good post!

22 thoughts on “Not the girl….

  1. Lol.. “you are not the girl I use to know, you are the shadow of yourself, I think I lost you long ago like a book that left the shelf, I hear your footsteps down the hall and I know someday that u will be leaving me for good”

    What a song, nice one dear… I can remember this popular kcee’s song “limpopo” lol. I first heard it when I was in the nysc camp, I was heading to the mami market from my hostel.. I fell in love with the song out rightly even though am still yet to learn anything from it lol..

  2. Now that u mentioned this;just had a flashback(nollywood style)… Shane Ward’s ‘Breathless’ held me spell bound when I was in d middle of call to a gal I had a crush on fresh outa secondary school… *sighs* those days this man was a loverboy… I think I did a cover of that song 4 d gal later on during one of those night call days.

  3. Not the girl by Dare…That song was off the chain. I still enjoy it till today. In fact, one can rate it as evergreen. One problem i have with the dude is that he’s not been prolific when it comes to making hits like that..
    I have listened to so many songs that have sent shivers down my spine at the first time of asking…but most was as a teen way back in the early 90’s e.g Always by my baby by Mariah Carey n Celine dion’s- Coming back to me now… The list is long tho.

  4. I remember Adaz who sang ‘zarakome’. Though not a classic song lyk urs nor does it hav a classic lyrics eida but d rythm was soothing and solem. It had a way of making my dreams come through ‘smiles’ I guess you know that feeling. D ist tym I heard d song I was in basic (pre degree), this is about 8-9 years ago. I was with my cubicle mate and roommates in d great amino kano Block C choba campus, we just finished feasting on a big bowl of eba and egusi soup. Lool. Good memory. Thnks zuch for making me reminisce on this.

  5. I must not fail to commend a pharmacist and a writer whose proficiency has again proven that pharmacists are indeed versatile. Am not saying she is this good a writer because she is a pharmacist but then again she is a pharmacist. Good work Nduka onyinye zuchie. I will always be rooting for u.

  6. Ooooh Zuch, mine is Speechless by MJ 1st time I heard was 2007 in 100L, I remember it was my lullaby that yr
    Then I just must add Alicia Keys “No one”…. “till the end of time am telling U there ain’t no one”

  7. My list is really long but d freshest in my memory is Dandelion by Tevin Campbell..I was in yr1 during d very long strike n it was late at night n I was alone,I just wanted d song to go on forever..den Imperfect me by MI I had a terrible row with a good friend den n hearing d song made me want to cry..den Duncan Mightys hand of Jesus n obianuju n one I can’t remember d title lol..cos dey remind me of one funfilled xmas I spent in d village..hehe! thanks for letting me walk back memory kiss for u.

  8. I hear a lot of songs and get electrified but it doesn’t capture d moment. ‘All of me’ by John Legend electrified d moment for me…it was my 2 years anniversary wiv my ex bf and he sent me dat song on whatsapp…20th Oct 2013, I never forget that was magical!
    Zuchie, u r doing a wonderful job. I have Ada Aghanya to thank for introducing me to d blog. As men of honour…

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