Operation Martyr Moaz……

A lot of attention is on the ongoing attack against the ISIS by the Jordanian Airforce following the brutal murder of one of their own, a 26 year old pilot who was captured sometime ago after his F-16 was shot down during a US-led coalition raid. King Abdullah II, a man who I think embodies what a leader should be about having read a little of his public profile, has made good on his threat to strike ISIS at the very center of their strongholds.

Airstrike: Jordan has carried out 56 aerial bombings on Islamic State targets in revenge for the murder of Jordanian pilot Moaz al Kasasbeh. Pictured: Aerial strike from video released last week by officials 

Reports from Jordan shows that “Operation Martyr Moaz” credited with 56 airstrikes so far is in progress with the ISIS military barracks, training centers, warehouses and depots as the preferred targets. Even at that, the Jordan Airforce chief, Mansour al-Jabour says and I quote “We achieved what we were looking for: revenge for Muath and this is not the end, this is the beginning!!!”

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