Everybody’s got something to say these days as it concern to be a power couple. Today I lay back horizontal to the wall surfing through the Internet and am amazed how it’s been flooded with their images with hash tag Relationship goals. But here is an interesting question, What is a power couple and how many volts do they have?

As the Obama’s prepares to leave the white House, millions around the world feels sad, most especially the Americans. It is interesting to know that during their stay in the white House, they had no Scandals unlike the predecessors. I would say the Obamas needs to do a mannequins challenge and stay in the white House for the next 4 years.
Alot of people would consider Barack Obama to be once and a life time eclipse. He is the first black American president and possibly the last Democrat in the white House for a long time. There are decision he must have taken which some Americans wouldn’t agree with, however that just made him human just like you and I.
Barack Obama has lots of achievement which has made him stand out aside from his constructive and articulated speech, which always inspires us all. During his farewell speech recently, Obama never actually mentioned Donald Trump’s name, in keeping with his general approach of publicly wishing Trump the best of luck, however he laid out a description of several core American values, -religious freedom, free speech and international order based on rules and law that directly contrast with Trump’s anti – Muslim,  anti – free press, pro stealing Iraq’s oil vision for America.
He considers himself to be a lucky man, married to a woman who he acclaims to be his best friend for over 25 years thus requiring her to take a responsibility, she wasn’t even prepared for, which she gladly accepted, handling the role with such distinct elegance, style and grace.
 Michelle Obama Loves puck rock music. She has inspired millions around the globe with her heartfelt speeches creating alot of admirations. She has created awareness about girl child education (paying surprise visits to colleges), childhood obesity as well as veteran employment. In the time spent at the White House, she held lots of interesting events, which includes promoting healthy life, fitness and military families.
For the Obama’s it wasn’t all rosy at the beginning but through courage, commitment, hard work and self believe, they’ve shown that you can create a relationship everyone would come to admire. 
That’s how you live this life. You wrap it around you like a sweatshirt straight from the dryer. You get it tattooed on you. You sleep next to it at night. It’s that important. And it’s that worth it. And there is always room for that soul mate and clear-eyed and full-hearted together.
In the words of Barack Obama; 
‘You made the white House a place that belongs to everyone’
as he accredits his huge success while in the white House to her.
So now you tell me…
What is a power couple and how many volts do you think they should have?