Random thoughts of a PH girl…….

The originator of this post wants to be addressed simply as The Mage……

…And so the articles go….
From the straight-to-the point,“How to make anyone like you”,
To the romantic,“tricks to win his heart in 10 seconds”, because c’mon, it’s hardly ever how to win her heart that will sell,
To the marriage specials,“Meeting the family, here’s what to do”,
Then of course, the dramatic ones,“You simpering idiot, yes you! Read this and become the most likeable person” Etc, etc.

In summary, how to get people to be blown away by the mere whisper of your amazing (or not so amazing) presence! Can you really do that though? Get people to like you?? Hey don’t look to this article for your Uhuru, because I’m only here to wonder aloud, and maybe get you to feel a little less confident (hehe) or feel superior …. for the peacocks amongst you. Or just confused.

It’s obvious to everyone though, relationships make the world. Even the self-appointed hermits and recluses will agree to that. Hey, the poor fellows that just can’t make friends should be nodding their heads vehemently to that powerful, earth-shaking statement too. And no, it’s not just the mushy-mushies I’m referring to. I’m also talking about that guy/lady that needs a job, and just needs to wow that interview board; I’m talking about that entrepreneur that has an amazing innovation but just needs to make the right impression to the right people. Oh, yes you, you there thinking of how to make friends with the mother-in-law, so you don’t wake up one night and catch her watching over her precious son with a broom in one hand and a bible in the other, while you sleep next to him, and so that she can now stop looking at you like a stranger that has stolen her little boy.

Let’s face it though; something of this sort has possibly happened to each one of us:

1. You go for your project defense, and then the reviewer is either just yelling at you like a raving lunatic because (s)he thinks you are the equivalent of comb on a bald man’s head, or (s)he’s just having you talk but you know deep down in your honest mind, that the reviewer’s mind is only on that pate of isi-ewu that needs to be eaten that very evening (yes, isi-ewu has destroyed a lot of careers)! So, you go away, knowing in your heart that an A or B is out of the question surely.

2. Someone has introduced you to this person, and you just know that come-on! you and that guy/girl are going to change the world together, because he’s the vegetable in your Afang soup. So u jump with both feet into it,…doing stuff you never thought to do before because either you used to be a strong, independent woman, or you were too DJ Khaled for that shit. But where does it get you?? It gets you to the friend zone hall-of-fame if you are lucky, or no-man’s land if you’re not.

3. After working all year long on an innovation that is better than the coming of sliced bread, you meet an oga/madam at the top who is supposed to give some sort of approval for you to get along, and (s)he just doesn’t like your face. So, it gets turned down.

I could go on, but you get my point.
What do you do then? Do you go to some corner and cry? Do you resolve to “never do that nonsense again”? Do you just keep trying??
While trying is a wonderful thing, will it really go on to change anything significantly? Especially if you keep trying the same thing and/or with the same person?? I really don’t know! What I do know is this; there are some people/situations that cannot just be won. Some people are never going to like your face, or your approach. It’s not always the cowardly thing to leave something alone. However, I always encourage creativity.
What have you done in such situations though? I’d like to know
I personally, I’ll just pick up one of those articles above and read. HEHE!!

The Mage is the most likeable person in the world, living life one mistake, one smile at a time.
The Mage likes to write, but is learning to write.
Review me, comment!

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