The dawn of a new era…

Hello guys, it is with joy that I announce that epiphanique has undergone some changes to bring better value to humanity.

On this note, I think it’s imperative that I mention that those who know me know that this is a happy time for me and my household as the candidate we believed in won the presidential elections and since I don’t want to go into too much analysis, I will just leave you guys with this post from my baby sister (Nduka Chiamaka). Read and enjoy….

The emergence of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as president in this election has broken a record. This is the first time an incumbent lost to the opposition. Prior to this announcement, he was ridiculed, insulted and harassed by people.

Despite all this he still gave it his best. Even if he had lost thrice in the past, he never gave up until he achieved his goal.

In life, there are certain things we would want to do but you keep hearing people say ‘you cannot’. When next you get such comments, don’t quarrel or fight it won’t help you. Instead, put in your best just as Buhari did and work hard to achieve your goals.

When you do so, your success will silence them and they would have no choice but to celebrate you. After all, just like the popular saying goes…Success has plenty parents but failure is an orphan.

We all can achieve what we put our mind to achieve all we need is determination,patience and persistence. With this and the Almighty Father’s Grace we would get to our various destinations in this life.

2 thoughts on “The dawn of a new era…

  1. Regional and Religion politics must die in this nation. We are growing fast. Although the north east and west supported their own and south south and east supported their own, the north central and south west chose the leader… The nation is along the right track… congratulations to GEJ for conceeding, to Jega for being fair and Nigerians for being peaceful. We march on!!!!!

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