The epic fall….

It’s lazy post day! I’m aware that a lot of serious stuff is happening all over the world right now including the APC and AIT rigging accusation face off, but I’m choosing to make this an interactive post where whoever feels comfortable enough to share the story of their most embarrassing moment can do so. In that vain, I’ll go first…..

I can’t remember what day of the week it was but we just finished from lectures when I and a friend decided to walk towards the park in Abuja campus (those that finished from UNIPORT would know where I’m referring to) to pick up somethings, after which I saw her off. As I turned to start the walk back to my room, in the middle of the very big and busy park, with all the bus drivers, conductors, traders and students, milling about, I tripped and fell. I was too embarrassed to even look around not just to see the quantity of people but the quality that saw me fall….

Who wants to go next?

6 thoughts on “The epic fall….

  1. Lol.mine I went to eat at d cafeteria.after eating I opened my bag and lo and behold no money just 70 naira….I had to plead to them to take the small money I had,that I would complete.I was so embarassed and still can’t believe it happened to me.

  2. Lol….ok was on my way to see a friend n had to go thru d choba axis…as I got to Ada George jxn to join a bus goin to choba ( I normally prefer to enter a bus already on d move) one of d conductors of the packed buses as usual was screamin my friend come enter…loadin bus bla bla bla’ just kept a strait face n walked past him….nxt thing I just hrd him shoutin all these grls na so dem dey do….see dis one since Wey I knw am e no dey graduate frm school every year uniport…. ery1 around just started lafin
    o’boy….I just had to join d nxt bus I saw witout askin whr dey whr headed…n on d way I was lyk shey na choba…n d conductor said yea…*sighs*

  3. For me I was in secondary skl then, went with a group of students to pray for a sick friend. To my surprise d prayer was offered individually, It got to my turn nd it was as if a genie just satisfied someone’s wish (…may she not speak). I was too shy to co-ordinate so I was speechless untill d next person continued, even d devil was embarrassed…

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