The Himalayan Earthquake


Date: April 25th, 2015

  • Earthquake, magnitude 7.8 hits Nepal, adjoining areas of India, China and Bangladesh.
  • The earthquake triggers an avalanche on Mount Everest killing at least 18 people.
  • It triggered another huge avalanche in Langtang valley where 250 people have been reported missing.
  • A total of 8 million people are reported to be affected by this earthquake across Nepal with 4,600 people dead, 9,200 people injured and 1.4 million needing food.
  • An aftershock from the earthquake occurred on the 26th of April, triggering fresh avalanches on Everest. Google executive, Dan Fredinburg was among the casualty here as he and 3 other company employees where mapping the area for another prospective Google-earth type project.
  • More than a dozen countries have come to the aid of Nepal with India leading the relief effort.
  • Nepal suffered a similar fate in 1934, when an earthquake, magnitude 8.3 hit them, killing 7,253 people in Bihar and 10,800-12,000 people in Nepal.
  • Seismologists in the past predicted that an earthquake would hit Nepal but they weren’t sure of the when.
  • Nepal with a GDP of 19.921bn dollars is one of the poorest countries in Asia, so their road to recovery would be a long and painful one.

Spare a thought for the people of Nepal today…..

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