The murder of Walter Scott

The scene unfolded like something right out of a Grand theft auto video game. I watched the quite unbelievable video that showed 33 year old South Carolina cop, Michael Slager shoot 50 year old Walter Scott 8 times in the back as he ran away from him.



What started out as routine stop over a busted tail light took a whole other dimension. The initial statement released by Slager through the police department and later his attorney had it that he resorted to extreme measures because he feared for his life.


According to his version of event, Scott attempted to take his taser gun, a scuffle ensued during which time Scott gained control of the taser and attempted to use it on him so he had no choice but to use his service revolver.


A video released by a bystander who caught what actually went down on his video phone told an entirely different story. It showed Scott running away from Slager, Slager shooting Scott 8 times with 3 missing him and the other 5 finding their mark, Slager walking over to Scott’s dead body handcuffs him and drops an object by his side, other cops arrive the scene, tried administering some first aid, but it was already too late.


A lot of things about Slager’s story doesn’t just add up, but we will deal with that later. For now, watch the video here….



2 thoughts on “The murder of Walter Scott

  1. Racism is the bottom line…. These senseless murder by white police of unarmed black pple is becoming worrisome. It tells you the average white man is still yet to accept that blacks are human… so so sad.

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