The Paris attack…

So I come home from work thoroughly exhausted, I flop down on the bed, turn on the TV ready to listen to some cool music. As I’m trying to change the channel from CNN to Trace. I see the headline ; 12 killed in terror attack at Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris.
So I settle in to get more details; Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine that has been receiving one threat or the other from several extremist groups because of their controversial portrayal of certain religious figures, the latest being the Isis leader, Al-Bagdhadi. The analysis from CNN showed that the attackers moves were methodological, thorough and sophisticated, also they had good insider information seeing that they knew to attack when the weekly editorial meeting was going on.
The gut wrenching part of the whole thing was the video I saw on how they ensured that one of the police man engaged in the shoot out with them was dead by putting another bullet in him while he was on the sidewalk and then calmly proceeded to they getaway vehicle and drove off.
12 people lost their lives today, several others wounded in yet another cold attack fueled by religious extremism, thus, butressing the fact that these are dangerous times we live in and we can only ask and hope for the Grace to withstand that which is yet to come.

Photo from the offices of Charlie Hebdo After the attack.

Faces of the two brothers suspected of carrying out the attack.

4 thoughts on “The Paris attack…

  1. Another black day courtesy of religious extremism. The unfortunate issue is we are still watching and playing blame games.
    We, as Nigerians must begin to address this monster. This should not be left to politics.

  2. Spot on Nengi, I’m actually tired of hearing condemnations from world leaders each time these people strike, I really don’t know what can be done but something should be done urgently.

  3. I was watching france24 live when this tragic event occurred..was really shocking(my heart goes out to the families of the people involved in the shooting). Religious fanaticism has really eaten deep into the fabrics of our society, which reminds me of the quote “religion is the opium of the people”. it’s disheartening that some individuals allow themselves to be used as puppet under the umbrella of religion to propagate these evil acts. We can only hope and pray they find the true way to God,other than becoming a religious extremist. On the part of the govt, security should be tightened up to avoid a recurrence. # Je suis charlie.

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