The Question of Public Morals in Gospel Music


Yo, aye yo, beach house vibes maneuver the jetski
‘Cause-’cause I serve the God that parted the red sea
Multi-million dollars commercials for Pepsi
From food-stamps to more ice than Gretzky
I don’t gotta talk the Lord defends me
I watch them all fall for going against me
‘Cause me and all my angels shot the devil up
While you was trying to pull me down I levelled up
I levelled up twice, I levelled up three times
He tapped ’em and told ’em “she’s mine”
So even when I cried I knew I’d be fine
Prepare for a miracle blessing in these times
Now praise Him, raise Him, name it, claim it
Every tongue that rises up against me, shame it
I breathe success in and out my lungs
I got the power of life and death coming out of my tongue

Those were the powerful lyrics of Nicki Minaj featured in Tasha Cobbs Leonard ‘ s gospel song “I’m getting ready” from her album Heart. Passion. Pursuit. generated public criticism over the past few weeks from gospel fans and Christian leaders especially in Nigeria cyber world on her choice to feature a female rap artist who’s public role and lifestyle does not portray God’s concept of ‘spirituality’.
This has brought to question about what moral qualifications should an individual have before they can be considered fit to get featured in a gospel song, thus bringing to challenge the emphasis the world place on the messenger’s character and not the content of the message.
The media and the virtual world has blinded its audience into believing whatever is being displayed in front of the screen, forgetting that as humans we have our privates lives that are not known to the world. So the audience quickly criticise whatever does not align to theit perception of what they’ve seen when a celebrity tries to give out a tip of the iceberg of their private lives to them.
It is without doubt that Nicki Minaj has a personal relationship with God and has previously mentioned how deeply she loves Tasha’s songs, this may come in as surprising and blasphemy to most religious individuals. However, gospel artist has in several occasion acknowledged the deep influence of non – gospel artist to their composition of classical gospel songs. Cece Winans is one of those artist influenced by Sam Smith, yet her audience don’t question this and believes every song was deeply inspired by the Holy Spirit as a Christian right?
Our favorite biblical stories being played out in movies are not typically illustrated by actual Christians. The roles were given to persons who depicts the character perfectly and not to person’s who has the Christian oil oozing out from them.
Christianity should be more than just going to church or chastity. It is love, it is the ability to accommodate and tolerate eachother irrespective of their flaws, to reach out and leave a remarkable thoughts within, encrypted with the words “thats Love right there” after all Christ’s Love.
Nicki Minaj has done just that, inspiring millions of her fans around the world in unimaginable ways even some religious leaders haven’t thought of accomplishing.

So you really want to judge her and cast away her song? Well, I’ll suggest you think again.


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