The reality of victims, violence and abuse

Today you guys are about to read an article from a friend who right from our Secondary school days was always advocating for one good cause or the other. Today, not surprisingly, she is a Lawyer which puts her in a good position to take activism to a new level. One thing I admire about this lady is how passionate she is for the things she believes in and on stumbling on one of her posts on Facebook, I said to myself, “Enwongo has to do a piece for epiphanique” and when I asked, she obliged. Read her post below and as usual, contribute your lot….

When you get on the road each day, you see countless faces. Each face has a unique story, which most likely will remain untold. Sometimes these stories are cool and funny, and many other times these are stories of abuse and pain. A lot of people we know have at one point or another suffered significant abuse. Many people are trapped in a cycle of abuse.

As a society, we are yet to come to terms with the fact that violence and abuse are more prevalent than reports say. Many people live each day in a great deal of pain. And while some pains are common place, there are others who suffer from unbelievably cruel daily experiences. A lot of these people will never find reprieve, and that is the sad truth in this reality.

It is easy to write about abuse and pain, and before this article many people have done so. Countless studies have been conducted over time and I do not intend to add to that lot.

What the world needs right now are people who are prepared to stand up and speak up for those who cannot speak or fight for themselves. This is not a passive endeavour but something we have to actively decide to do. I sincerely believe that the more of us willing to speak out, defend and fight for victims of abuse, the less prevalent the cases of abuse would be.

There are all sorts of abuse. The major ones include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychology abuse, financial or material abuse, and verbal abuse. Each of these occur in different contexts and occasion different kinds of pain. Not excluding kinds of abuse not mentioned here, these forms of abuse have to be fought, resisted and discouraged.

There are countless victims today, and there will probably be more tomorrow if we do nothing. Abuse is not strictly a problem involving women and children but in many instances, these very special group of people constitute the majority of victims. Many people shy away from talking about abuse of any kind most especially sexual abuse but it does not help the situation to avoid talking about it. These victims are our daughters, sisters and mothers. Talking about these issues is the first step towards changing the status quo, so do not hesitate to speak up at any opportunity.

Do your part and contribute to a better world. Please, whenever you come across a victim or incident of abuse, don’t look away and tell yourself that it isn’t your business. It is your business, our business and everybody’s business. Do your part in our fight for a better world, and fairness for all. Stand up for women living each day in shame, unnecessary guilt and pain they did not wish for; and for all victims of abuse.

For today, I will end with this line from Melody Hobson’s TED 2014 speech “Be colour brave, not colour blind”;

“…Then I realised, the first step to solving any problem is to not hide from it, and the first step to any form of action is awareness…”.

Article Credit: Enwongo Cleopas

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2 thoughts on “The reality of victims, violence and abuse

  1. Nice piece , Enwongo…. Abuse comes in many forms. I have being under some form lately at work for trying to advance an opinion that border on my area of expertise.

    I was called names and made to look disrespectful and foolish just because the bus and a few sycophants did not like the idea…

    My personality was reduced to the ground yet no single person had any point to counter me or present a better argument – it was just because the idea came from junior staff.

    So, its the unfortunate situation that one finds himself at times that you can’t fight or seek redress because ‘oga is always right’.

    Africa will emerge soon from this horrible quagmire .

    Again the legal system will need to do more. modern slavery is everywhere

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