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Its been a while since I last saw some good Nigerian movies. When I say good, I mean the likes of Ije, Sitanda, White waters, just to mention a few, but the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some really nice ones and an incredibly horrible one even with an impressive line-up of acts. Among the good ones, the one that still stands out in my memory is Invasion 1897… It was a well told story inspite of the negative emotions it stirred up because it dealt with one of the problems that perhaps still plagues modern day humans; the issue of racism and of course slavery where people were profiled based on the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. The casting was superb, all in all, the movie was quite informative as I got a glimpse into the rich culture of the Benin people, I even came away with the catch phrase “Oba Atokpei!!!” (assuming I got the spellings right). On this note, I wish more directors will start telling our stories, the ones that really define us as a Nation. I must commend the efforts of Sir Lancelot Imasuen with this beautiful production and also that of Kunle Afolayan even if I’m yet to see the October 1st movie, I trust that it’ll be good. Invasion 1897 is a movie I’ll recommend to anyone at anytime. For those who are yet to see it, go see it and enjoy it.

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