The times we live in…

“Kaduna is relatively safe, they don’t have much of the suicide bombings, what you mostly hear about is usually some community clashes or skirmishes involving the Fulani herdsmen.” This was the popular sentiment shared by most inhabitants of Kaduna, a mantra I must have repeated to anyone who dared to question my decision to stay back time and again. A statement I strongly questioned when the news of the suicide attack in Dogarawa Secretariat, Sabon Gari, Zaria that claimed 25 lives and left various degrees of injury on another 32 hit the internet.

Before going to Kaduna, the attack of yesterday would have seemed so distant, so far removed from my reality that even if I want to talk about it, it would have been with righteous indignation, but this time around, I felt like I knew those people, I felt the pain of those left behind to mourn the dead, I felt a sense of kinship that gave way to complex emotions.

Despite the fact that the spate of suicide attacks being carried out is mostly done in the northern region, it is still part of our reality. The fact that the attacks are not happening down south doesn’t mean it’s not affecting us as a nation. The condemnation of these attacks is no longer enough. I think that security measures can be put in place in these crowded places (mosques, parks, markets, secretariats etc) where they seem to be partial to pending when our security agencies can gather enough intelligence to put a stop to this menace once and for all.

May The Lord in his Mercy continue to guide and protect us all….

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