The wedding glow…

I usually wonder the reason couples especially the brides put in so much financial, physical and emotional effort into ensuring that their wedding day is as flawless and glitch free  as is humanly possible instead of channeling all that into the marriage itself. The way I choose to see it or rather the only way it can make sense to me, putting aside the “competition” aspect is that the couple can always look back on that day when faced with difficulties or obstacles which might seem insurmountable at the moment, and remember how happy they truly were when they decided to make a commitment to each other on that day, draw strength from that and try harder to confront whatever the issue is.

This was what passively occupied my thoughts as I watched a fellow “man” of honor, a borticarios and of course a friend walk his beautiful bride down the aisle after they said their marital vows. The joy and unbridled passion which radiated from their innermost being and shone very brightly on their faces as evidenced by the unrestrained laughter that filled the hall was a sight well worth the almost 7 hours I spent on the road from my state of residence (the state of uncommon transformation) to the ancient city of Benin to witness the occasion.

Here are some pictures from the event…

I and Mimi at the wedding
I and Mimi at the wedding
The couple with the ladies in uniform
The couple with an esteemed guest (yep, yep)
The couple waltzing to Hero by Enrique (not entirely sure)


The borticarios ably represented by Seawhy, Nero, Me, Mimi and Kess

All in all, it was well organized and all the colors of the day came together to give a really beautiful effect. I must say, I’m proud of Jude for taking the step into the next phase and I wish him and his pretty bride a fulfilling journey.

8 thoughts on “The wedding glow…

  1. Weddings!!!
    A lot to draw from such an event. We wish our dear Elder Jude the best of married life.
    We also hope that other Men of Honour (esp in the pix above) have taken a lesson or two from Jude’s giant leap.

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