Writing 101:The words Unread….

Hello Princess,

I’m sorry. These are not the words I wished to say to you on the morning of our 10th wedding anniversary but they are the words I must write. Nothing can make up for the fact that I betrayed the words I spoke to you on that beautiful November morning. No words can begin to express how I feel for hurting the one person who believed in me when no one else did, the one person who saw my potentials even before I became aware of them, the one person who built me up with the strength of her love, the one who ensured that my vision translated to success.

I’m sorry love, please come home and I promise to be the best man you’ve ever known. No more lies, no more deceit, no more… I love you.

Forever Yours,


I stumbled upon this letter written by my boss to his wife and my heart broke as I saw the date on the letter. We all knew the story of how Mr. Kachi’s wife died on the morning of their 10th anniversary, but now I understood to which extent the loss had damaged him.


As I stood there with the letter in my hands and the words she never got to read seared in my heart, I contemplated what to do. Do I let him know that I know and it’s okay for him to forgive himself or do I let him continue lashing out at others as a way of masking his own pain?


7 thoughts on “Writing 101:The words Unread….

  1. Hmm this is really sad, i don’t think you can do much if he isn’t open about it. You could look for an opportunity to get to talk to him. Just my thought anyways.

  2. Doesn’t look like my original comment went through! Just wanted to say I enjoyed it I really like the pics & your blog name is unique.

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