This thing called “Rep”

There are lot of things I want to do, jump, sing, dance ,play a game, shout so hard that I have to be careful to keep my butt from falling off. Sing so hard people would actually have to beg me to stop and play so hard as if my life depends on winning. But I’ve never really done any of the things I mentioned. Pretty crazy right? I know. Now whenever any of those things come into my head, here is a run down of my thoughts;” What is Ifeoma going to say if she sees me doing this?”, ”Well, Amaka thinks am perfect, how will she feel?, ”Amarachi said I’m her role model, won’t she be disappointed?” and all together, won’t they say, ”Ha!! Even Osinachi!!?

Always a people-pleaser, I’ve never really been me. I have always thought so hard about how Ivy would see this?, What Kyle would think?, What Olanna would say?, What Jesus would do? Now that brings me to the word, ”REPUTATION”.

Some days ago ,I danced ”Shoki” in class. Lol, right? yeah, I did. It sounds funny because I’m the” damn ” quiet type of girl. But I felt like doing it, and I did. An incident led to it, a course mate and friend of mine who had carried a weavon for more than two months decided to let it go. We had already termed it ”semester hair”, a hair that could last up to a semester and beyond. That morning I was feeling happy while I walked into class ”free styling” [there was no lecturer in there, anyway-hmm I dey mad?] Then I saw Chibuzo out of her ”semester hair”. I just started dancing  ”Shoki” [I have always wanted to do that, but thought I’d look strange doing it].  I did look strange though.

My course mates who saw me were very surprised but I managed to put a smile on their pretty faces. Believe it or not, I felt very relieved. Some even walked up to me and said ”Cynthia, I didn’t know you could actually shake like that.” I felt so good about it. Like it was as if I was out of the ”good girl” veil and actually did something I’d always wanted to do.

I wouldn’t want to bore you with my dry stories, but I’m actually trying to send a message. I learnt something; Do what you want to do, what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt others. A friend was narrating to me the other day what he did in a fast-food. It was not just any fast-food but a big one where people trooped in and out like ants on a plate of sugar .He told me he was served rice and  chicken with his friends about three of them. After eating his food, he started drumming with the bones on his plate [now, this sounds so embarrassing].He hit it so loud that the people around noticed. After laughing at him, I asked, ”Why would you do that? he gave me the simplest answer, ”Because I wanted to” which made me happy.

That was all. He wanted to open a band station or rather, ”a bone-drumming” station on his plate, just because he wanted to. That is something I have started doing, and I am happier than I was when I was described as ”Perfect”.

So pals ,don’t wait for a dude or girl to come into your life and make you happy. You have the power to make yourself happy by doing what you have always wanted to do[Not the bad ones o, abeg if you feel like committing a sin, biko pray for the Holy Spirit]. If you can crawl out of that ”perfect” life, that cloud called ”reputation” and the evil spirit called ”the what-if” spirit, I bet there is going to be a change. I am me and I am proud of it . Are you?

Article Credit: Osinachi Cynthia

23 thoughts on “This thing called “Rep”

  1. My youngest sister’s friend sent in this article and several aspects of it appealed to me while some others the jury is still out on, so i’m going to let y’all do your thing. Tell us if you are happy with being you….

  2. Beautiful one…well said. Whatever trend we have now was all someone’s great idea, so let’s be authentic at all times

  3. Well said Ossy, tryna get a clear pic of u doing d shoki tin in class…lol. Was able 2 grab 1 lesson though which is : Be yourself n alwaz make urself happy even wen pple may think wat ur doing is absurd or awkward.

  4. Hehehehehehehehe 😀 @ My name sake, Cynthias rock *sideeyes*
    nice article
    This rep ‘thingy’ is causing lots of havoc these days
    I see it in a lot of ladies and it hurts me

    1. We rock ooo…#doing the shoki dance again#…lol. Yea, true, its very common today. Some pple don’t realise there’s a lot of freedom in being themselves. Thanks for reading

    2. We rock oooo #dancing shoki again#….lol. Yea true, its very common today. Most pple haven’t experienced the freedom in just being themselves. Thanks for reading

  5. Cynthia finally find her happiness thro the shoki dance.. lol! Nice one. I like the way she ended the article by encouraging us not to harm others while doing that that pleases our hrt.

  6. I love this! I used to think like that, I stl think like that tho (a little less than before). I couldn’t walk down the street with a guy cos I didn’t want people to talk, didn’t attend parties cos I had a ‘reputation’, I wasn’t ‘mary amaka’ o even though my name is Amaka and I love Mother Mary I just kept thinking about what people would think and guess what nobody was even thinking, they didn’t care. People, there are billions of people in this world that care less about what u do with ur life… Live life, smile, merry, be happy and do things cos u want to do them of course as long as it doesn’t hurt ur neigbour ( real hurt o not d one inflicted by self jealousy)! I feel good, I just wrote!! Thanks Cynthia

  7. I love you Cynthia… I hope it doesn’t hurt? that’s what I feel like saying.. lolzzzz

    nice piece….

  8. Am sorry it came late. Was happy that you wrote on this. Just like Chinua Achebe’s. Learnt something though: to always anticipate change in people. Nice one indeed

  9. Typical story of my life…lol. i wouldnt forget the first time i mustered enough nerve to do the pouting thing in a pic and used it as my dp. Got lots of “even u?” comments but guess what i didnt care cause i felt good about it.. There’s nothing like being u.*smiles*
    Nice one Cynthia *thumbs up*

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