They say tomorrow isn’t promised so

I hold my candlelight awkwardly in the dark

My fears swirl around me cyclically

observing my essence

I have achieved little; I am almost beyond time’s mark

What is it that gnaws at me?

My desperate search for supreme excellence

My fellow travelers know this;

They are aware of this cursed race we are on

still they trudge on though;

for to stop is to die- this is known

I observe my sordid reality;

the hunger and sadness illumined by the burning sun

The ruins left from a forgotten world unknown

Up above the vultures circle around;

deciding where to dig their beak

I close my eyes and hope for change

it’s somewhere in faith’s horizon

Thinker’s think, readers read and speaker’s speak

In this swampy conundrum;

nothing is given freely save the gifts you own

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