Unsung Heroes

Fresh out of the police academy, 30 year old Joel Dobis Jr. was only too happy to be of service to his country, getting partnered up with a 50 year old veteran with over 2 decades of experience was an added bonus. on the morning of December 6th, 2014, they both received a complaint in one of the neighbourhoods. on getting there, they had no idea that the lady whose house they went to was armed with a razor blade. All Dobis remembered was throwing himself in front of his partner as soon as the woman lunged at him with the razor. By the time back up arrived and he was rushed to the hospital, he had lost 75% of his blood. Even at that he refused medical attention until he saw that his partner was okay. When asked why he did what he did, he said, he felt that being young he could survive it and “I didn’t want her to hurt you.”

One beautiful afternoon, Debra Hughes, a retired nurse looked out her window while cleaning and saw a child involved in an auto accident lying on the pavement, so, she ran out to help. While tending to the child, she noticed a mob by the corner beating a man thoroughly. She hurried over to them and threw herself on top of the man being beaten with utter disregard for her own life. An act that quickly brought the beating to a stop. After the men left, she went on to perform CPR on the man until the ambulance arrived. The man spent one week in coma before making a full recovery. According to Debra, she didn’t see white or black, all she saw was a man within inches of his life and she did the only thing that came to mind.

On the eve of August 11, 2014, the city of Detroit experienced a massive flood which destroyed several properties. 25 year old Dustin Rowen  was taking refuge somewhere when he spotted a young lady sitting in her car freaking out about being trapped in her car with the water already chest high. He immediately swam to her car, tried opening the door which refused to open because of the pressure of the water but he kept at it until the door budged and he swam with her to a pizza shop across the road despite going under water several times. Dustin’s quick action saved Jena David’s life that night.

A couple of days ago we all witnessed Caitlin Jenner (former Olympic athlete turned reality star turned transgender) accept the Arthur Ashe courage award at the ESPY (Excellence in sports yearly award), a move that garnered both outrage and support across the USA. The way I see it, she was chosen for the award because she is the rave of the moment and a lot of people want to capitalize on that because if we really want to scrutinize it, there are a lot of ordinary people (like those mentioned above) who are doing a lot of extraordinary things on a daily basis but are not being commended enough for it…

I watched a documentary sometime ago, about physically challenged people who don’t let their disability overshadow their capability. There was this particular woman that was born without lower limbs, she went on to become an auto repairer. She got married, had kids, drives them to school, cooks for her family and does a whole lot of other things…. to me, that’s courage…


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