Valentine special feature-Captives of love

Captives of love


Najite Ukiri

Pause for a minute…
Hear the laughter and the silence that follows,
The heartbeat starts to sink into its shadow…
And cupid can’t even aim a straight shot with his arrows…
How bones turn to sparrows…

The afterthought?

Love is everything and more..
Love is nothing but a tour…
Therefore, everything and more is nothing but a tour!
Love needs seeds to sprout atop..
For love indeed, weeds be nipped in the bud..
Hence, for seeds to sprout atop, indeed a weed need be nipped in the bud!

For love is “naukluft” enough…It’s fame is “vilakazi”…
And when we grow older, the hairs grey and sitted in a taxi….
We build the walls of NO BELIEF in the backseat….
And let the thunders roar in its napkins…

Should no one wonder what was said here tonight?
Should no one be white and black tonight?
Should no one be right and wrong tonight?
Should no one eat or be giving tonight?
Should no one smile or be smiled at tonight?

What is love if we do not grasp it?
What is love if we do not listen?
What is love if we do not partake in it?
…the heartache just settles in with the moon in sight

Was it all worth it?.. the love that exposes the jealousy?
Was it from the north east? The wind that trades with it?
Was it my poetry that got you thinking?…
Are we not captives of love?
The pitfall in German tales..different strokes for different folks!!!

Love could be anything..when you deal in the last minute!!!
Failure would confine me
to the chair of my opponents in the last minute
But all that meant nothing when my gift arrived in the last minute
it was everything in the last minute

Love is everything, anything and nothing… it’s a function of time!!!

One thought on “Valentine special feature-Captives of love

  1. Well, its a perspective.
    The poet tended towards a personal perspective… Love means different things to everyone….
    Sex only beautify it, but it doesn’t sustain it.

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