What it’s all about….

On hearing the news of the death of one of my juniors back then in secondary school, I shuddered and the first thought I had was “What happened”? Who did she speak to or last see but then it dawned on me that none of that matters…. What matters is the moments and memories we make before we die. Death is a necessity and we will all face it someday, all we can do is hope and pray we live a long life and achieve our goals.

So, as we all celebrate Valentine’s day today, appreciate all those you have in your life now, family, friends and loved ones. Say kind words all the time, you won’t know if that would be the last time you talk to them, show the kindness now. Life is too short to waste on meaningless words, anger and malice.

Wishing all the wonderful people I’m fortunate to have in my life “A Happy Valentine’s day”, especially my family…. I love you all!!!

Article credit: Nduka Chiamaka

5 thoughts on “What it’s all about….

  1. Lovely piece..it’s timely! When it’s all been said and done, what matters most is the kind of life we lived, the legacy we left, the solutions we profered and the number of people that smiled because we existed!

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