World Poetry Day-The Night After…

Hello guys,

It’s been a while, hope y’all are good…

Today is world poetry day and I thought, “why not? Let’s give this poetry thing a try”

Dunno if what I put down even qualifies as a poem but all the same, read, enjoy and of course, remember I love hearing back from you….




The half smile on her mouth slowly disappears
As her fingers, reach out and clutches the nothingness
She should have known, it’s just wistful thinking
The warmth by her side barely hours ago
now ceases to exist

She slowly turns on her back
Her mind playing back the day before
The smile returns, this time, full blown
at the memory of the gentle touch, the careful whisper
The raucous laughter, the thoughtful gesture
The unspoken words, the laden stare
All radiating warmth of an other-worldly feel

She grabs the half empty bottle of the California Red
Takes a pull and almost sighs with satisfaction
The numbness begins to set in
The images in her mind slowly begin to disappear
Leaving a palpable emptiness in their stead
The burning sensation in her stomach returns
She remembers feeling it twice before
Once after a carefully worded phrase about secrecy
And then again at the last goodbye
This time, it hurts more than the others
She struggles to make sense of it all
The uncertainty of the future perhaps?

Alas! She feels it all flooding back
But before she could grasp it, fully reach out and touch it
The darkness envelopes her
The now almost empty bottle rolls to the other side
But she’s too lost in herself to take note
of the dark red pool close to the gift left behind
Her semi-conscious thought before she finally let go
“The nights to come would be no easier….”

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