Writing 101:Out of the abundance of the heart….

You guys remember the writing 101 course I mentioned I was taking (check here and here)…. Well, I’ve been neglecting the tasks because of too many things taking my attention but I decided to give today’s task a try.

We are to do a post inspired by a real life conversation and the twist is to cast shadow over the post, like give the readers something to look forward to at the beginning. So here goes…


My first thought when she walked into the room with my friend Obi was “damn! she’s beautiful”, my second thought was “wow! she really is beautiful”, and my third thought was “God really broke the mould when he made her.”She looked to be about 5’9, leggy, light skinned and had this killer smile. I found myself wondering what the relationship between her and Obi was. I hoped nothing was going on, so I could make a move.

Before they came in, we were arguing  the merits of Prof. Dora Akunyili’s decision to accept an appointment as the Minister of information. After the necessary introductions, the conversation continued. I was of the opinion that Prof. Akunyili did not make the right call, I felt she should have turned down the appointment and looked for something else to do.

N.D supported her decision. “How do you expect her to turn down a government appointment, do you know how much money we are talking about? Guy, calm down.” He opined.

Obi in his classic authoritarian manner said, “That woman is the fiercest person I’ve come to know and we can all attest to that by the incredible work she did in NAFDAC, taking up the appointment as the minister of information means she’s now the spokesperson for the government, so, she gets to say a lot of things whether she believes them or not and given her kind of person, she can only attain her full potential when she’s pursuing a cause she believes in.”

After the laughter from our giving Obi grief about his “only my opinion matters attitude” died down, pretty lady says “Who is Dora Akunyili.” The room went silent.


By tacit agreement, we decide to switch the subject to entertainment. At the risk of being stereotypic, we felt a pretty lady like her might be very interested in that kind of discussion, right? So we started talking about local artists, award shows and of course Rihanna. As far as entertainment goes, and N.D is in the room, Rihanna has to come up.

So, he says “You guys know Riri is my chic and there’s this song I really like, the one she did with Drake, but I can’t remember the name.” He turns to Pretty, “Babe, help me out here” and pretty goes with an embarrassed smile on her face “Uhm, don’t think I know who you are talking about, let alone know the particular song you are trying to remember.”

At that point I jokingly say “Wow! seems you’ve been living in a convent for the past few years.” and she says “what is a convent?”

That was when I knew I must have died and gone to the wrong part of the universe…..

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2 thoughts on “Writing 101:Out of the abundance of the heart….

  1. Oh dear me!!!!I died when she asked,”who is Dora Akunyili”…..I woke up somewhere along the line and met a worse death at the end

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